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KOMERU Rice Flour Raw Spaghetti

KOMERU Rice Flour Raw Spaghetti

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KOMERU Raw rice flour spaghetti (1 serving).

Raw spaghetti made with domestic rice flour has a light taste that doesn't feel heavy from the rice flour.

We have completed a rice flour pasta that is light yet chewy and filling.

This product is carefully manufactured by full-time craftsmen in a rice flour factory, and does not use any of the 28 recommended allergen ingredients.

In addition, it is a Halal-certified product and a gluten-free product, so it is a rice flour pasta that can be safely enjoyed by people with various dietary cultures, those concerned about allergies, and children.

[Purchasing as a set is advantageous. ]

Click here for 10-piece set (194 yen discount per bag)

[ Regarding delivery]

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[ Internal capacity ] 128g

[ Raw materials ] Rice flour (domestic), vinegar, thickener (xanthan gum, alginate ester)

[ expiration date ]360 days

[Temperature range ] Normal temperature

[How to enjoy it deliciously]
① Add the noodles to a large amount of boiling water.
②The recommended boiling time for spaghetti is about 3 minutes.

Once the noodles are boiled, drizzle with olive oil, add your favorite sauce and toppings, and enjoy.

[ Allergen information ]
This product does not use any of the 28 ingredients that are required/recommended for allergen labeling.
Manufactured by dedicated craftsmen in a factory dedicated to rice flour.

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