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SHIZUOKA KOMERU Gourmet & Art Tour [2/23(Fri)]

SHIZUOKA KOMERU Gourmet & Art Tour [2/23(Fri)]

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[KOMERU Project, where you can fully enjoy the charm of Shizuoka and Yaizu]
A 2-day limited event has appeared where you can experience the charm of Shizuoka and Yaizu to the fullest!
This is Mt. Fuji seen from Yaizu across the sea, the seafood caught in the rich Suruga Bay, and the craftsmanship that unfolds there. This is a one-of-a-kind tour that can only be planned by KOMERU.


Yaizu's fish shop "Sasue Maeda Uoten". Michelin chefs come from all over the world to learn their skills. why?
This secret will be revealed in an unprecedented documentary film directed by Taichi Kimura.

Mr. Maeda's fish at Sasue Maeda Fish Store is tailored to match the dishes. ``Sasue Family,'' which uses his fish, is a two-night-only collaboration dinner by chefs from restaurants that cannot take reservations. Enjoy the skills of the chefs to your heart's content. In addition, special wines that can only be tasted at the Cannes Film Festival, made in a convent in Cannes, Shizuoka's sister city, will also be featured. A special event where you can enjoy food (Groumet) and <Art>. Please join us for this event, which has been carefully planned over a year.

Speaking of Yaizu in Shizuoka, it is the town of bonito flakes. You can sample and compare dashi soups, which can be said to be the basics of Japanese cuisine, visit sightseeing spots (by bus) in conjunction with Mt. Fuji Day, and appreciate the craft techniques handed down from ancient times in Shizuoka, the home of the Tokugawa family.

・Dashi soup sommelier experience ・Documentary screening of Sasue Maeda fish store ・Collaboration cuisine of Sasue family ・Pairing by Shizuoka main store Vinos Yamazaki ・Enjoy Shizuoka's nature in honor of "Mt. Fuji Day" ・Appreciation of Shizuoka traditional crafts (Details subject to change) (Please note that this may occur.)

14:00|Meet at Shizuoka Station
14:10|By bus to Yaizu City
15:00|Dashi sommelier experience
15:45|By bus to Shizuoka City
17:00|Arrival at Takumi-juku, viewing Shizuoka traditional crafts
17:30|Documentary screening
21:00|Take bus to Shizuoka Station (scheduled to arrive at 21:40)
(Please note that times may change. Also, we cannot guarantee train transfers, etc.)

What's included in the tour price - Transportation bus fare - Dashi soup sommelier experience - Watching a documentary - Collaboration dinner full course with the Sasue family - Pairing with wine and sake, non-alcoholic options available - Interpretation (for foreigners, English only)
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