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ONOMICHI KOMERU Groumet & Culture Tour【10/27(Fri)】

ONOMICHI KOMERU Groumet & Culture Tour【10/27(Fri)】

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【KOMERU Project: Experience All of Onomichi's Charm

Embark on a 2-day exclusive event to fully immerse yourself in the charm of Onomichi. This luxurious tour offers a glimpse of the exquisite vistas of the Seto Inland Sea and the rich traditional culture of the region. Explore recommended places to visit in Onomichi and indulge in activities along the Seto Inland Sea.


 Experience HIGHLIGHTS 

French Chevalier Chef's Gourmet Zen Cuisine and Zen Meditation

The highlight of this event is the sumptuous French Zen cuisine prepared by Chef Kamo, who has been honored with the French Agricultural Merit Order. You'll also have the opportunity to experience Zen meditation at Onomichi Shinkatsuji Temple.

KOHTEI at Onomichi Shinkatsuji Temple is a unique building known as one of its kind in the world, designed for meditation. Here, you can partake in meditation and Zen meditation guided by a German monk in the midst of profound darkness, the sound of water, waves, and subtle light – a truly sensory experience.

 Culture experience 

KOHTEI at Onomichi Shinkatsuji Temple is a truly exceptional place for meditation within Japan. Here, you can choose between experiencing meditation or Zen meditation, both offered in a distinctive manner harmonizing sensory elements like intense darkness, water, waves, and light.

This program allows you to choose one of these unique experiences.

  • Meditation

An excellent method to discover inner peace and harmony away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At KOHTEI in Shinkatsuji Temple, you can meditate in profound darkness while feeling the sounds of waves, the flow of water, and the faint light. This profoundly sensory experience will relax both your mind and body.

  • Zen Meditation (Zazen)

Through Zen meditation (zazen), your body and breath align, leading to a purification of the mind. In other words, it's about attaining a "mind of nothingness," which doesn't mean there is nothing, but rather, it's like water – adapting to any form, not being attached or biased. Zazen is the ideal practice for nurturing such a gentle heart.

  •  Vegetarian Zen Cuisine

Following the Zen experience, you'll be treated to a vegetarian Zen cuisine created by Chef Kamo, Chevalier of the French Agricultural Merit Order. This cuisine, influenced by his experience as a French chef, maximizes the flavors of Seto Inland Sea ingredients with various culinary innovations.

This French-inspired meal will leave you feeling refreshed the next morning, both in body and spirit, as you wake up to a clear and light-hearted day.

In the evening ambiance of Shinkatsuji Temple, enveloped in a serene atmosphere and the breathtakingly illuminated landscape, discover inner peace, harmony, and the joy of culinary happiness – savor such moments.


〈 Schedule 〉 

 ●Group ① October 27th (Friday) 14:00 ~

14:00|Gather at Onomichi Station, a 2-minute walk from U2

14:30|Bus ride to Shinkatsuji Temple

15:00|Choose between meditation or zazen

15:10|Selected program and garden stroll


19:30|Bus ride to Fukuyama Station

20:10|Disband at Onomichi Station by bus

Tour Inclusions

  • Bus transportation from Onomichi Station to Shinkatsuji Temple and back to Onomichi Station
  • Admission fee to Shinkatsuji Temple
  • Zen meditation event at Shinkatsuji Temple
  • French vegetarian full-course meal
  • Wine and sake pairing (non-alcoholic options available)
  • KOMERU Original Incense (souvenir)
  • Interpreter (for international guests, English only)

Please note that for the main course of the French cuisine, you can choose between a vegetarian option or a meat option. Please specify your preference.

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