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KANAZAWA KOMERU Groumet & Culture Tour [9/3(sun)]

KANAZAWA KOMERU Groumet & Culture Tour [9/3(sun)]

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Sunday, September 3rd

[Note] Please check in advance.

Please do not combine tour reservations with other products. Please note that if you purchase them at the same time, they will be cancelled.

Experience the elegance of the ancient capital of Kanazawa

The history of the preservation district “Chaya District”

A one-of-a-kind journey to enjoy the taste of artisans

This is the reservation page for the sightseeing tour "Kanazawa KOMERU Groumet & Culture" to be held on Sunday, September 3rd, where you can enjoy Kanazawa's food (Groumet) and traditional culture (Culture).

KANAZAWA KOMERU Groumet & Culture Tour

Sunday, September 3rd Starts from 14:30

〈Groumet experience〉

●Archecciano Chef Masayuki Okuda's special kaiseki course is the world's first "oil sushi " created by simple seasoning with salt and oil and the resonance of ingredients.

Kenroku-tei , a famous Japanese restaurant in Kanazawa that is not normally open at night, was reserved for this tour, and Chef Okuda was invited to enjoy ``oil sushi'' and jibuni using Hokuriku seafood. We also offer Kanazawa's local cuisine prepared by Kenroku-tei, so please relax and enjoy the culinary luxury of the ancient capital of Kanazawa.

*Includes wine and local sake pairing (non-alcoholic options available)

●Cafe Tamon's Rice Flour Pancake Special Menu at Kanazawa Higashi Chaya District

Cafe Tamon, a popular townhouse cafe in Higashi Chaya District, a town with a strong history in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, has long lines of people.The rice flour pancakes are the signature rice flour pancakes from Ishikawa Prefecture that are made using recycling-oriented environmental farming methods. Use rice. We are also working on SDG's, aiming for a sustainable future for Ishikawa Prefecture by hand-milling non-standard size rice that would normally be discarded. Cafe Tamon, a popular restaurant that is also popular with people from overseas, will offer a special pancake plate exclusively for this tour.

〈Culture experience〉

A special tatami room experience exclusive to this tour where we invite Kanazawa geishas, ​​who are not available to first-time visitors, at Kenroku-tei, a famous Japanese restaurant in Kanazawa that is usually not open at night.

●Lacquer, Kintsugi artist《 Nayuki Sonodai 》Gold leaf pasting experience on chopsticks by Mr.

10 gods are enshrined as deities. Utasu Shrine Visit to

Wearing a kimono Kenrokuen Garden Walk around

A professional photographer will take pictures of the tour and deliver the memories of the trip in professional-quality photos at a later date.

● Lunch (Cafe Tamon|Rice flour pancakes)

Dinner (Kenrokutei | Kaiseki course with oil sushi and local cuisine)

Includes wine and local sake pairing (non-alcoholic options available)

● Special tatami play by Kanazawa geishas

● Chopstick gold leaf pasting experience

● Kimono rental, dressing, tabi, sandals

● Souvenirs ( sushi plates, chopsticks *Gold leaf pasting experience) works )

● Photo shoot by a professional photographer

(We also have merchandise available for sale)

Oil sushi supervised by Chef Okuda (frozen product)

Chocolate using Ishikawa specialty products

Kaga Bocha and tableware and bridges used at the event

Sake and pottery set

All KOMERU brand original

*Product sales are not included in this cost.

〈Schedule〉 _

14:30|Higashi Chaya District Gather at Utasu Shrine (visit)

15:00|Meal at Cafe Tamon (rice flour pancakes) & experience applying gold leaf on chopsticks

16:30| Higashi Chaya District ~ Kenrokuen Stroll through the castle town

17:00|Change into kimono, walk around Kenrokuen, take photos

18:30| Meal (special oil sushi experience)

20:30|Kanazawa geisha ozashiki play

21:30| Scheduled to end

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