KOMERU 商品発売のお知らせ

KOMERU product release announcement

KOMERU is an SDG's gluten-free brand that uses rice, a Japanese superfood, that is kind to your body and the earth .

We have decided to sell the first safe and delicious "KOMERU" products, so we would like to inform you about them below.

[Sales start date]

Saturday, July 1, 2023

*Shipping will start sequentially from July 5th onwards.

(If out of stock, it may take some time.)

【Product introduction】

rice flour pancakes

Domestic rice flour pancakes in small portions perfect for breakfast or snacks.

Rice flour pancakes tend to be dry, but this product has a moist texture similar to baked goods.

Since it is a frozen product, it can be stored for a long time.

To enjoy, just warm it up in the microwave for 20 seconds, so it's perfect for busy breakfasts.

Rice flour pancake product list

Raw rice flour spaghetti/Raw fettuccine

Our gluten-free fresh pasta made from domestic rice flour is light yet chewy and chewy.

We do not use any of the ingredients that are required to display food allergens (recommended 28 items), so even children with allergies can enjoy them with confidence.

Available in two types: spaghetti and fettuccine, which go well with a variety of sauces.

Rice flour fresh pasta product list

Rice flour soy sauce ramen

Instant ramen (soy sauce flavor) using domestic rice flour.

Although it is a completely halal product, we have created a highly satisfying ramen that is satisfying to eat.

Even instant noodles, which have the image of going against the grain of health, are guilt-free with KOMERU.

Food allergen labeling is required (recommended 28 items) All ingredients are not used at all, so even those with allergies can enjoy our products with confidence.

Rice flour soy sauce ramen product list

Gluten-free KOMERU products with consideration for health and beauty. Please try once.

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